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Access Control

Have you ever walked into a company door and opened it just to have it not open at all and you have thrown yourself into the locked door and quickly glanced around to see if anyone is looking? Well I have and chances are you might have come up to an Access Control System door. These electronic devices designed for sensitive and restricted areas come in a range of different sizes and complexity, from a proximity fob to swipe and key cards and they are here to prevent unauthorised access to certain areas of a building, monitor staff movements and can be important to the security of the business.

Electronic devices such as swipe cards and proximity fobs are harder to duplicate than a key system, giving that much more security and peace of mind. They can also be monitored of who is coming and going.

Other examples of access control system readers include:

  • Iris
  • Fingerprint
  • Face recognition

Unique Systems

Armstrong can design an access control system that gives you the ability to identify and control individual's movements and provide a safe and secure environment. Our aim is to give you the unique abiltiy to hold information that helps you track movements that matter to your business.

Access control is a powerful technology that can range from a small stand alone system that has 1 -15 users or to a multi-user system with up to 40,000 users and over 500 different doors.

Designed to provide restricted access to specific times into areas like buildings, gates and lifts by installation of Proximity readers, Swipe card readers or Biometrics readers.

Integrate your access control system with other systems like alarms, CCTV cameras and intercoms for a complete security solution.