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Alarms & Monitoring

What does everyone do when you suddenly hear a piercing high pitch shriek of a siren coming from an alarm? No, we do not ignore it; we all glance to see where that noise is emanating from and if it hopefully stops soon. Sirens, and not the mythical kind, though that is where the name originates from, were designed to detect unwanted intruders and to alert us all that something is very wrong and that is exactly what they do!

Whether you wish to protect your family or a business, our highly trained specialist can guide you into making the right decision and from the best choices available. We understand the importance of these much needed deaf defying machines and will find the correct system for you.

Alarms have come a long way since that vivid bright red bowl which rattled away incessantly in the school yard, now we have sleek designs that fit snugly onto buildings with shiny keypads and discreet sensors. You have the choice of a wireless system where you do not need any cables, hybrid alarms which are a mix of cable/wireless and hardwired alarms that are fully cabled and provide the most scope of expansion.

Most alarm systems can be integrated with a CCTV system which is an added bonus and if connected to a phone line can be monitored by an external source.

PIR's motion sensor are the most popular sensor currently used which detects body heat and movement and the gentle opening of a window latch, have pets? No problem, there are also motion sensors which a pet sensitive.

It is recommended to install a sensor in every room aside from rooms which have no external access like a board room for instance or maybe a bathroom.

See the Risco Agility 3

Armstrong offers the most complete alarm service available today. We have the expertise, hi-tech equipment and the total commitment to professional high quality service necessary to ensure your home, business, office or any other property is protected to a level which will provide peace of mind.

The leading advantage of our service is our ability to tailor an alarm and monitoring package to meet your needs.

All of our monitoring equipment has full back-up facilities to cover power and/or phone failures. Our commitment to quality in our monitoring facilities and alarm installations ensure your protection and peace of mind.

Our highly trained mobile fleet of alarm technicians can perform installations, repairs and maintenance of your entire alarm system.

Customised options include:

  • Burglary protection
  • Power of system failure
  • Panic or medical alarms
  • Duress alarms
  • Dispatching a guard
  • Telephone alert to designated numbers

We have two popular packages.

Risco Alarm Kit

Bosch Alarm Kit

Product shown is an example kit and may vary from actual kit quoted

To enquire about the correct alarm system for you.