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Locks & Keys

Business Solutions

The design of a security solution must include products which work well together. They must be of quality, design and functionality. Security that meets your needs and that can be adapted for a wide range of environments - factory warehousing, office areas, educational institutions, hospitals and apartment buildings. We will consider your needs and ensure the correct level of security is achieved.

At Armstrong's we can change, install or upgrade any type of lock, provide you with a restricted master key system and deliver online solutions for key management.

Keys for filing cabinets, desks and other office furniture are easily made. Door closers can take the hassle out of slamming doors and are required on all fire doors. Panic hardware for emergency exits can be installed to meet all regulations.

Emergency Service

In the unfortunate event of locking yourself out of your office, retail store, warehouse, stock room, classroom or apartment, we have an emergency lockout/opening service.

Please book this online or just pick up the phone to talk to one of our team in your area now.