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Residential Locksmith Services

Armstrong is proud to offer the following Residential services. Please select the area that best suits your needs.




Alarms and Monitoring


Key Retriever

From duplicating a key to changing your locks, to installing and monitoring an advanced alarm system, we've got home security covered.

We welcome the chance to make your home safer. We can conduct a security check and recommend measures to help you create an environment that's more secure and more comfortable. We look at the biggest issues, and the smallest detail, to give you the smartest options.

We're here to keep an eye on your safety as well as your budget, so if a simple bolt or hinge pin will make a door safer, we'll recommend the simple bolt or hinge pin option.

We can install a wide range of window locks, door locks, bolts and entry systems - both with key, and keyless. And we can tailor an alarm and monitoring system to your precise requirements, including the right detectors in the right environment, panic buttons, automatic guard despatch and telephone alerts to designated numbers.

If an aspect of your home security system needs to be repaired, or you want to add or upgrade any components, one of our friendly mobile locksmith and alarm specialists can be at your home quickly to avoid any chance of a security breach.

Trust Armstrong to solve any and all of your security needs. Whether you want to get in or keep others out, we've got the ability, knowledge and equipment to do the job quickly and correctly.