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Safes are used to prevent the loss of all sorts of valuables. In deciding what type of safe you need, you consider:
  • How motivated will a criminal be to retrieve these items?
  • The replacement cost of the items, if they can be replaced at all?
  • How much do you need to insure the contents for?
  • How flammable are the items?
  • How much are you going to store in it?
  • How organised do you need the contents in the safe to be?

When seeking a safe, it is advisable to consult with us and with your insurance company.

Security Safes

These are mainly designed to prevent the theft of contents within the safe. They come in all shapes and sizes from ones that can be carried to ones weighing a few tonnes. The configuration of these safes vary greatly too and many include locking cupboards and deposit facilities. This type of safe generally provides basic fire protection, but is not really suitable for documentation and data storage. In most cases this type of safe should be able to be bolted to the floor.

Fire Safes

These are designed to protect paper from fire damage. Most paper will ignite at around 170°C, but some documentation and photographic paper will become damaged at lower temperatures. Attention must be paid to the safe's fire rating, the environment in which the safe will be stored and the type of documentation which will be stored in it.

Data Protection Safes

Although similar to Fire Safes, these are designed to protect media which will be destroyed by temperatures exceeding 50°C and humidity exceeding 85%