Fri 21st
May 2021

Imou - Enjoy Smart life

Enjoy Smart Life
Mon 12th
Oct 2020

E-Lok - A Smart Lock that suits your lifestyle, your home and what nature throws at it.

E-Lok - A Smart Lock
Thu 27th
Aug 2020

Armadillo – never lose a padlock again!

Maximum-security hasp lock
Fri 10th
Jul 2020

SMARTair™ Technology

SMARTair™ is a powerful access control system that offers an intelligent, yet simple.
Fri 8th
May 2020

What are Transponder Keys? (Chip Keys)

Also known as chip keys, transponder keys are automotive ignition keys with signal-emitting circuits (the transponder) built inside the head of the key. See example:
Fri 24th
Apr 2020

Contactless Trading at COVID-19 Alert Level 3

To all our customers, Armstrong will be contactless trading by way of Pick-up or Courier Delivery during COVID-19 Alert Level 3.
Thu 26th
Mar 2020

Latest update from Armstrong on COVID-19

Armstrong Smarter Security are following the government’s Alert Level 4 restrictions until the time comes when we are advised that the alert level has been reduced.
Wed 18th
Mar 2020

An update from Armstrong on COVID-19

The health and safety of all our customers and our team are of the upmost importance to us. We are maintaining regular surveillance to ensure we have the most up-to-date information over the coronavirus (COVID-19) and are taking steps to keep our clients and team safe.
Tue 10th
Mar 2020

Ajax Special for March 2020

A new generation of wireless alarm system - AJAX, where security is art!
Mon 2nd
Mar 2020

Come and meet our new Waikato team

Come and meet the new team Anton, Bronwyn and Rodger from our Hamilton branch
Sun 1st
Mar 2020

Cavius - The World's Smallest Smoke Detector

Fire? Not this time.
Wed 29th
Jan 2020

Fog Cannon Security

Fog Security is the ideal anti-Burglary/ Robbery system. In seconds the robber or burglar is blinded and confused
Wed 22nd
Jan 2020

A new generation of wireless alarm system - AJAX

A new generation of wireless alarm system
Wed 8th
Jan 2020

Competition Winner - Houe

Congratulations Bill & June from Stoke who won a Houe Danish outside table and 6 chair dining set as part of our November / December 'Buy an Alarm /CCTV or Combo and be in to win’ competition.
Mon 6th
Jan 2020

ProSeries® High Security padlocks

ProSeries® High Security padlocks offer the greatest physical security possible.
Thu 15th
Aug 2019

Challenger Safes at Armstrong

Not only do we sell the famous Yale safes but we also stock a range of Challenger Safes. Here some info directly from Challenger . . . Choosing the right Safe for the protect...
Fri 28th
Jun 2019

Retro Telephone Box

Armstrong Smarter Security can cut keys to anything.
Thu 20th
Jun 2019

Eight tips to secure your home

We all cant have Thor to protect our home - here are 8 Simple Ways to Secure Your Home Secure the Doors... install deadlocks on all windows and doors of your house, Call Armst...
Mon 8th
Apr 2019

Greatest physical security possible

ProSeries® High Security padlocks offer the greatest physical security possible. Heavy steel bodies and solid iron shrouds are coupled with boron alloy shackles and dual dead...
Fri 1st
Feb 2019

A brief history of keys

The key and lock have been around since antiquity with the earliest known example excavated from the ruins of Nineveh, the capital of ancient Assyria, in modern day Iraq!
Thu 31st
Jan 2019

Window Stays

It may be time to upgrade your security on doors and windows. What about window stays? Don’t be complacent about open windows, have them secured and let in fresh air and help...
Tue 1st
Jan 2019

Everything is secured with a padlock

A quick google search reveals that padlocks have been used for thousand of years and were once made of wood. From securing a chained up gate to locking a private diary filled ...
Thu 20th
Dec 2018

Holiday Wisdom

Here are a few simple tips from Armstrong for this festive season for a little peace of mind. LOCK EVERYTHING We know that sounds obvious but you will be surprised how easy i...
Tue 13th
Nov 2018

Security you can rely on

For many, alarms represent a bit of peace of mind. We work hard. We buy shiny baubles and expensive equipment and it stands to reason that we wish to protect our treasures in ...
Fri 16th
Feb 2018

How to make your house safe from burglars

If you’ve been burgled recently or know someone who has, then there is a good chance that in the near future it will happen again....
Thu 2nd
Nov 2017

Free Key Retriever

Losing keys is surprisingly a frequent occurrence, so don’t think it can’t happen to you! The inconvenience is immense but with the FREE Armstrong Key Retriever service you...
Fri 27th
Oct 2017

Burglary Prevention Tips - TV Ad 1

Helpful tips to prevent burglars breaking into your home....
Fri 20th
Oct 2017

Burglary Prevention Tips - TV Ad 3

Connect with trusted neighbours to improve your neighbourhood security....
Tue 17th
Oct 2017

Burglary Prevention Tips - TV Ad 4

Tips on removing temptation for burglars....
Sat 14th
Oct 2017

Yale Touchscreen Digital Deadbolt

The Yale Touchscreen Digital Deadbolt - the next generation of keyless technology for your home front door. Contact Armstrong for more information and a quote....
Sat 30th
Sep 2017

Burglary Prevention Tips - TV Ad 2

Install good Quality Windows Locks, Door Locks and Dead Locks in your place....
Thu 21st
Sep 2017

Risks of leaving babies and young children unattended in vehicles

The RACQ “Temperature in Cars Survey” has highlighted the risks of leaving babies and young children unattended in vehicles, even for a short time. A range of tests were condu...
Fri 1st
Sep 2017

Agility 3 Wireless Home Alarm System

Agility™ 3 is a state-of-the-art 2-way wireless alarm system designed for the residential and small business markets that provides more than a standard home security system.
Fri 4th
Aug 2017

Home Security

House break and enters are one of the most common crimes. In many instances house break-ins are crimes of opportunity with entry gained through an open or unlocked door or win...
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